chef caitlin mcmurtry


Ever since I tried to make peach turnovers at the age of 9, I have loved being in the kitchen and feeding people (like my very kind and willing family members who ate those first peach, er, experiments!).


Food is everything I love rolled into one: it is art, sensuality, science, and health. It is our daily medicine and our most simple pleasure.


I grew up in rural Northern California along the coast, and I found my first job in cooking at a restaurant in a tiny town overlooking the ocean cliffs. I was taught the secrets of making great desserts, soups, and salads by a few kitchen witches who are probably still there to this day.


I picked up many more years of experience working as a baker, a prep cook, and a day cook at various organic restaurants and coffee shops (if you are the special person who knows the Beachcomber Cafe in Humboldt County, I'm the woman who made those espresso cream cheese brownies).


Nothing brings me greater pride than my family's summer pie booth. We've cranked out homemade pies, tarts, and cakes since 2008 in our hometown of Point Arena, California.

Sweetly Simmered was born in the spring of 2020. I was debating what line of work to go into as the world was reawakening from the pandemic, and little did I realize that the perfect job was right under my nose!


I love food. I love to feed people. And I absolutely adore helping folks feel excited, grateful, and deeply nourished by their food.


I would be over the moon to cook for you!

Professional details:

  • ServSafe Certified

  • Graduate of the Personal Chef Business Academy

  • 18 years "in practice" as a cook & baker

  • Covid vaccinated