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Chili Bowl

Rates vary depending on how many meals you wish to have prepared and how many people will be eating. My chef fee includes meal planning, shopping, cooking, and cleanup. Not included is the cost of groceries and food storage containers (if needed). A one-time initiation fee applies for new clients to cover the kitchen tour and menu start up. 

All meals are prepared "family style" with main and side dishes stored separately so you can mix and match as you wish.  

Meal Packages:

Does not include the cost of groceries.

Up to 6 - 8 portions of each main and side dish:

3 mains & 3 sides = $495

(4 - 5 meals per person for 2 people)

4 mains & 4 sides = $575

(6 - 8 meals total per person for 2 people)

5 mains & 5 sides = $650

(10 - 12 meals total per person for 2 people)



Additional entrée: $50

Additional side: $30

Dessert: $30

Travel fees apply for locations greater than 1 hour round trip from Sebastopol at $50/hour.   





I do all the shopping to ensure highest quality and freshest ingredients, the cooking, packing the food in containers with labels, and finally, the cleaning!


  1. First, contact me to set up a phone consult to see if we're a good fit.

  2. If you decide you'd like to go forward with booking service, we'll review your dietary needs, favorite and least favorite foods, any allergies, how often you need service, storage container options, and grocery preferences. I will send you a sample menu based on your preferences, and you will let me know what you'd like to order off the menu for your first week of service.

  3. We'll set up a time to do a kitchen tour at your home so I get familiar with the space before I cook, and take inventory of your supplies and equipment. We'll fill out some paperwork together, confirm your first day of service, and discuss any other logistics.


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