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Hi, I'm Caitlin and I help busy people like you enjoy delicious homemade meals so you have more time for family, rest, and the things you love. Come home from a busy day and open your fridge to an array of zesty and hearty meals prepared just how you like them - no takeout required! 

We are a busy family with two working parents and a picky toddler. Feeding ourselves was stressful, difficult to coordinate, expensive and not very delicious. Since bringing Caitlin into our lives, meal times are now exciting and carefree. We are able to spend the time being together, and getting a bit more sleep. We are so grateful to have Caitlin's delicious skills and kindness in our lives.

— Natalie, Guerneville

I was overjoyed when Caitlin came to cook for my husband and I after our wedding. We were exhausted and the last thing we wanted to think about was cooking. Caitlin was absolutely lovely to have in our home and her meals were incredible. You will not regret inviting Caitlin into your home to nourish you and your loved ones.

— Christina, Santa Fe

happy clients

We’ve been using Caitlin’s services for over two years, and as a busy family of four, it is so nice to know we have a healthy freshly prepared meal at home waiting for us! Caitlin makes everything from scratch (including sauces and dressings), with the freshest ingredients. She can accommodate any dietary restriction, is always willing to take on any challenge or suggestion, and everything always tastes delicious! We can’t recommend Sweetly Simmered enough!!!

— Shawna, Sebastopol

Caitlin has been cooking for our family for about 2 years. I am always excited to see what she comes up with. Her food is always interesting and delicious! We are a diverse bunch and she always make accomodations for our different likes and dislikes. Last week she made a ratatouille that was outstanding! She is always friendly and I am amazed at how she gets everything ready on time!

— Lynne, Santa Rosa

chef caitlin mcmurtry

As the world reawakened from the pandemic, I realized how many people were struggling to eat well and keep their families nourished through a time of uncertainty, grief, and loss. I have always loved to cook and to feed people, and so Sweetly Simmered was born! I offer private chef services and weekly meal prep to busy people like you throughout Sonoma and Marin. 

Ever since I tried to make peach turnovers at the age of 9, I have loved being in the kitchen and treating people to a feast (like my very kind and willing family members who ate those first peach, er, experiments).


Food is everything I love rolled into one: it is art, sensuality, science, and health. It is our daily medicine and our most simple pleasure.

I grew up in rural Northern California along the coast, and I found my first job as a cook at a restaurant in a tiny town overlooking the ocean cliffs. I was taught the secrets of making great desserts, soups, and salads by a few kitchen witches who are probably still there to this day.


I picked up many more years of experience working as a baker, a prep cook, and a day cook at various organic restaurants and coffee shops, as well as running my family's summer pie booth.

When I'm not cooking up a storm, I also love to mountain bike, perform, and study languages.

Professional details:

  • ServSafe Certified

  • Graduate of the Personal Chef Business Academy

  • 18 years "in practice" as a cook & baker

chef services for sonoma and marin
serving Healdsburg to Sausalito

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